Provision services

Theme 1 (Provision services) aims at assessing the use of the coastal biodiversity by actors, from local to regional scales, for its conservation and sustainable sharing through the analysis of the beneficiaries of goods and services, and instruments for an equitable share. Theme 1 will be focused on the evaluation of the seafood availability among biodiversity and on selecting relevant indicators of its changes. It will implement a multi-indicators approach for an evaluation along a protected-exploited environmental gradient, considering a wide range of taxa, from micro- to macro-organisms (shellfish, prawns, crabs, fishes), and the functional aspect analyzed in addition to the classical taxonomic view. Indicators will be mixed at the community level related to the whole biodiversity and at the population level for sentinel species critical for the services. The biodiversity, together with the support services (Theme 2), will be particularly linked with the access and benefit sharing by the human populations, within the system of values or socio-cultural services. Theme 1 will link the results of biological studies using functional and taxonomic diversity, and also using sentinel species, together with those from social inquiries of the use of this biodiversity.