Lower Mekong Delta Coastal Zone (LMDCZ)
  • Name of project:Lower Mekong Delta Coastal Zone (LMDCZ)
  • Project code:SED004
  • Place :Lower Mekong
Project Description

Study on the erosion process and the measures for protecting the Lower Mekong Delta coastal zones from erosion

The  Lower  Mekong  Delta  Coastal  Zones  (LMDCZ)  is  situated  in  the  south  of  Vietnam  (Figure). 


The  LMDCZ extending  from  Xoai-Rap  Mouth  (on  the  East  Sea)  to  Kien  Giang  (on  the  West  Sea),  over  about  774  km  of coastlines,  are  the  land  of  biological  diversity,  with  many  economic  sectors  such  as  industries,  agricultures, aquacultures;  fisheries,  forestry,  and  tourism,  etc..  They  really  have  the  high  potentiality  and  the  favourable conditions  for  socio-economic  developments.  The  previous  studies  show  that  morphological  changes  of LMDCZ  are  extremely  complex.  In  certain  areas  such  as  Go-Cong  (Tien  Giang),  Thanh  Phu  (Ben-Tre),  Hiep Thanh  (Tra  Vinh),  Vinh  Chau  (Soc  Trang),  Ganh  Hao  (Bac  Lieu  and  Ca  Mau),  U-Minh  (Ca-Mau),  the  erosion process has been fairly serious. It destroys mangrove forest belts and directly threatens the safety of sea dyke systems that are considered as an effective defense line against adverse effects from the sea. Erosion process would be intensified by climate changes and by human activities with the construction of upstream reservoirs and dams in China, Laos and Cambodia.

Nicolas Gratiot (IRD, LTHE, CARE) and Co.

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