Investigation, documenting, assessment of biodiversity status in Tra Vinh province
  • Name of project:Investigation, documenting, assessment of biodiversity status in Tra Vinh province
  • Project code:SED011
  • Place :Tra Vinh Province
Project Description

Tra Vinh is a province of 6,535 ha which includes one of the largest mangroves area in Vietnam, with 2,171 ha of natural forests and 4,364 of planted forest. At present, Tra Vinh is facing challenges for biodiversity such as:
- Increase of industrial development and population growth, that are heavy pressures for biodiversity conservation and natural resource conservation, especially because of pollution effects,
- Limited government investment and social information on biodiversity, that lead to a lack of consideration and overlooked implementation of biodiversity protection projects.

During the past few years, the community awareness has been improved, but the objectives are not reached yet, due to many socio-economic issues and constraints coming from agencies and organizations which manage locally biodiversity conservation. With the objective to conciliate both sustainable economic development and biodiversity conservation, the Tra Vinh Province needs a strategy for developing various forms of ecosystem services, to promote revenue for local people and to improve life quality of communities. Within this context, our project was conducted from September 2016 to September 2017 with the following main objectives:

  1. To investigate, document and assess the biodiversity status in Tra Vinh province, and identify sensitive areas and hot spots for biodiversity,
  2. To analyze the current status of natural conditions in Tra Vinh province,
  3. To identify characteristics of ecosystems and then assess the provision services coming from biodiversity in the Tra Vinh province.



Concertation with locals



Macrobenthos surveys



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