A new tool for a simple monitoring of saline intrusion in the Mekong delta
  • Name of project:A new tool for a simple monitoring of saline intrusion in the Mekong delta
  • Project code:SED009
Project Description

The construction of dams, subsidence and sea level rise have considerably modify the water and sediment fluxes and has accelerated saline water intrusion in the Mekong delta. This is a critical issue for people (water consumption) and rice production along the 700km of coastal fringe of the Mekong delta. This collaborative project gathers experts of hydraulic (IRSTEA, Lyon), sediment dynamic (CARE, HCMUT) and hydrologist (Univ. Cantho), with the objective of applying a robust and innovative technique to measure water discharge and salinity at high frequency (every 10') in the Mekong delta.



Photo extracted from the Integrated coastal management programme


Person in charge

Gratiot Nicolas (CARE LTHE)


Other permanent staff

Van P.D.Tri (CanTho University) for environemental issues.

Phan Ky Trung and Tran Thi Le Hang (Can Tho University) for Social issues.

Camenen Benoit and Dramais Guillaume (IRSTEA Lyon) for expertise.



Pham Huu Phat (currently MSC student in Can Tho University.


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